Make : RAM Model : 5500 Year : 2013
Build Dates : 2013-01-01 - 2016-12-31
NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number : 19V527000
Date Owner's Notified: 2019-07-23 Date Received by ODI: 2019-07-12 Date Added to Database: 2019-07-15
Manufacturers Involved: Ameritrans Bus, Inc.
Manufacturer's Responsible for the Recall:
Manufacturer Campaign Number:
Potential Number Of Units Affected : 4
      Ameritrans Bus, Inc. "Ameritrans" is recalling certain 2013-2016 Ameritrans Ram 5500 "R Series" vehicles. Pushing the brake pedal for prolonged periods when the vehicle is running and in PARK may cause the Brake Transmission Shift Interlock "BTSI" pin to stick in the open position. With the pin in the open position, the transmission can be shifted out of PARK into any gear without pushing the brake pedal or having the key in the ignition.
      Being able to shift the transmission without pushing the brake pedal and/or without a key in the ignition can increase the risk of an unintended vehicle rollaway that may result in personal injury or a crash.
      Ameritrans has notified owners and Chrysler dealers will update the vehicle software, inspect the BTSI, and, as necessary, replace it, free of charge. The recall began July 23, 2019. Owners may contact Ameritrans customer service at 1-574-218-4786.
Report Initiator: MFR V Report
Regulation Part Number: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number:
      Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 'TTY 1-800-424-9153', or go to www.safercar.gov.NHTSA is missing critical, required information for this safety recall. This information must be supplied through the NHTSA Recalls Portal within 5 working days of confirming its accuracy:- In the case of a defect, a chronology of all principal events that were the basis for the determination that the defect related to motor vehicle safety, including a summary of all warranty claims, field or service reports, and other information 'such as numbers of deaths and/or injuries', with their dates of receipt '49 CFR 573.6 'c''6''.- A description of the manufacturer's program for remedying the defect or noncompliance '49 CFR 573.6 'c''8''i''.- Your company's program shall include a plan for reimbursing an owner or purchaser who incurred costs to obtain a remedy for the problem addressed by the recall within a reasonable time in advance of your company's notification of owners, purchasers and dealers, in accordance with ' 573.13 of this part. Your company's plan may incorporate by reference a general reimbursement plan it previously submitted to NHTSA, together with information specific to the individual recall. Information required by ' 573.13 that is not in a general reimbursement plan shall be submitted in your company's report to NHTSA under this section. If your company submits one or more general reimbursement plans, your company shall update each plan every two years, in accordance with ' 573.13. Your company's remedy program and reimbursement plans will be available for inspection by the public at NHTSA headquarters '49 CFR 573.6 'c''8''i''. If the vehicles are new and would be covered under the manufacturer's warranty program, please state that in the remedy section of your filing.